Loading device with a holder - SV (with pins)

This device is intended for the handling of straw or hay packs, litter, municipal waste, branch wood, etc.

Reinforced forged pins are installed in cases.

The robust holder with protected hydraulic motors is equipped with a safety valve protecting the system from damage.

We manufacture the loading device with the SV holder with attachments according to the machine type.

The dimensions and design, as well as the size of the devices depend on the machine type, work method, type of the handled material and customer’s requirements.

The rear part of the loading device is manufactured as a through-sight piece and is equipped with a fencing system.

Modifications at the customer’s request:

  • another filling of the rear part of SV
  • a change in technical parameters (width, shape of the holder, etc.)
  • length, numbers and deployment of pins

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