Tipping buckets

They are intended for front loaders, front loaders of tractors, skid steer loaders, etc.


  • Designed for the handling of lightweight materials, such as wooden chips, sawdust, bark, cereals and other materials up to a specific weight of 0.8 t/m3
  • In a reinforced design for materials, such as sand, crushed aggregate and other materials up to a specific weight of 1.8 t/m3

Tipping buckets make it possible, thanks to their structure, to load loose material up to heights above 4m (according to the type of the machine). The tipping is controlled by the third hydraulic function of the front loader.

We manufacture buckets with attachments according to the type of the machine.

The dimensions and design, as well as size of the loading buckets depend on the machine type, work method, type of the handled material and customer’s requirements.

Tipping buckets of all sizes are made of high-strength and abrasion resistant steel materials “HARDOX 450”.

The buckets are fitted with a basic induction-tempered bit and they can be fitted also with a welded or screwed sub-bit, configured as one whole or as a sectional system.

The buckets can be equipped with the following accessories:

  • Tooth system and segments between teeth.
  • Protective collar against material overfalls into the boom area

According to the type of the loader and the material handled we will recommend you the most suitable size or appropriate modifications.

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